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Favignana is one of the few islands of the Mediterranean in which the access is possible from earth to the greatest part of its coasts, that you/they develop around 33 linear km of bays, calette and sandy beaches or of pebbles, as well as of rock-clifves at times comforts and dishes. A characteristic, this, that leaves the possibility to find an unimaginable sea calm elsewhere to the visitor.

It lowers Redhead takes the name from the blood that it the waters of it during the wars puniche, known as the most beautiful cove of Favignana.The sea of Cala_Rossa is crystalline and the flat rock-clifves are the ideal to catch the sun it Lowers her sopratutto it is suitable to whom can face a long descent, it is not suitable for families with children of inferior age to three, elderly and pregnant women.

Calamoni is composed from the succession of rock-clifves appearing on the surface and dwarfish sandy calette.There are two principal accesses to the sea: of the enough flat rock-clifves and a spiaggetta of sand, especially Recommended to all to children.

Lido Burrone:Leaving the country of Favignana along the street that flanks on the left the jail a comfortable asphalted road conducts to Lido_burrone the only great beach of the island, Beach Canyon the most beautiful beach of the island. The sea, always of exceptional transparency, ideal beach for children.

Cala Azzurra, One of the principal and more beautiful coves, for the colore_del_mare, it is suitable for everybody.

Praia is a beautiful adjacent to sandy beach the center of Favignana, comfortable for the one who doesn't have the possibility to estrange from the inhabited center. And' proper for  children.

Cala Rotonda (Approdo_di_ulisse) is a beautiful natural port. A suggestive arc of natural (Arco_di_Ulisse) stone inside which attainable spiaggettes there are afoot easily small from everybody. To visit the attainable caves to swimming.

Punta Sottile Dominated by the splendid and powerful figure of the lighthouse of Punta Sottile. To the left of the lighthouse there are two spiaggettes of ideal pebbles for families with small babies.

Cala Faraglioni it is disagevolmenre accessible from an uneven sdradella but the spiaggetta it is a wonder of form semicircolare protected by a natural wall offers the possibility to be to the shade to any schedule. Going out to the right of the bay is possible to reach to swimming the suggestive caves. And' forbidden to bathe with aqualungs and to fish.

Cala del Pozzo is a bay with rock-clifves and beaches "seasonal" (cyclically formed and stripped by the wavy motion), distant the one from the other from the 50 to the 200 ms. The natural scenery is an enchanting chromatic fusion that unites the grey poimbo of Marettimo, the bluintenso of the of the sky the turquoise of the sea and the white high-beam of the sand and the rock-clifves.










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