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Enrico-TettamantiEnrico Tettamanti - Team Manager

I was born in 1975, in the resounding Garda Lake natural area. Since I was young I’ve been dreaming of the most remote and wild places on the planet and loved sailing and mountains. Since I was a boy and thanks to my parents’ passion, I’ve been sailing in the Mediterranean. In 1995 I experienced my first Atlantic passage, which has deeply marked my future, making sailing my main passion and my job. In 1997/1998 I worked in Venezuela at “The Floating Village’ which is the first village in the world built on boats. A very important experience which taught me the basis of niche tourism. From then on, I’ve been dedicating to organize cruises, crossings and expeditions all over the world, with a particular attention to most unexplored places on Hearth. In 2000, I started building KAMANA; a 53-feet last generation sailing yacht in aluminum. After the launch in 2002, I’ve been sailing on her for 7 years. I have had the chance to visit beautiful regions and shared amazing experiences with the various crews which have joined us for this special tour of the world. We have reached remote destinations, out of the traditional circuits, meeting a great success. I have more than 100.000 miles of ocean-sailing experience behind my back and numerous Atlantic and Pacific passages. I doubled Cape Horn 7 times and I reached the Antarctica. I go in for mountain climbing, free-ride ski, paragliding as well as all means moving in the wind. In 2011, thanks to the cooperation of my friends and associates, I had the chance to make this incredible project come true. …

GiulianoGiuliano Tofani - Captain

I was born in Viareggio, close to the sea and since the very beginning my life has been rhymed by the sea. My passion, my sport and afterwards, my job have taken place in the sea. I have been sailing for over 40 years and working as Captain from 1975. Thanks to navigations in the Mediterranean and part of the Atlantic, I have behind my back over 170.000 miles of sailing. I commamded yachts up to 60 meters. I’ve always alternated my working periods on big yachts with more relaxing moments, sailing all over the world with my wife and our friends on our own boats. From 2002 to 2005, we sailed from Italy to the most remote corners in the eastern Mediterranean, the African coast and the Caribbean. We cooperated with the Swiss association “Voile Sans Frontières”, helping it in delivering medications to medical organizations operating in Africa and other places, hardly reachable by land. This represented the chance to reach remote destinations along the African coast, arriving in some villages of Senegal, rich in charm and humaneness. Taking part to Kamana Sailing Expedition means to me a unique opportunity to combine my technical and sailing experience with my ideals of environmental protection and the meeting with far cultures.

foto-LorenzoLorenzo Dimola - Sailor

I was born in Milan on August 16th 1977. It was probably the forced condition of city dweller which made grow in me a feeling of rebellion and consequently an insatiably desire of nature and outdoor life. The desire of sailing dates back to my childhood, when very young I was used to listening to my uncle’s stories. During a circumnavigation around the world in 1976, a 7-meter orca, jumped up to the deck and sank his boat. My uncle found himself a shipwrecked. From then on, thanks to my parents support at first, and to my professional choices after, I have always had opportunities to sail and improve as sailor. Among my sea-experiences, I remember with particular affection the 6 months spent at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy, and especially the countless passages of the English Channel during the stormy icy winter months. I love Nature in all of its forms. I fulfill my soul when I respectfully face with it. I am an art lover and I am fond of surf which together with sailing represent my central source of expression. Taking part to the “Kamana Sailing Expedition” means to me a unique experience of personal growth as well as the privilege to be spokesman of ethical values such as the respect and protection for nature and its universal balance. All values which I firmly believe in.

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