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The Italian and Sicilian kitchen has a lot to offer, and in Cefalù you will find many great restaurants and you have to possibility to try local specialities almost everywhere. Sicily is also famous for its wine, and at all restaurant you are able to choose among red and white wine, both local and from other parts in Sicily. The Italians dress up in the evening, especially if they are going out for dinner. It is definitely recommended for tourists to do so as well, and it is not really appropriate to visit restaurants in very short pants or beach clothes. Please note that most restaurants have a service fee (coperto), usually €1-2 per person. It is also good to pay a 10% tip. In Cefalù we recommend the following restaurants:

This lovely restaurant is located in one of the crossing-streets from Corso Ruggero, and you can choose between sitting outside in the nice picturesque street, inside or in their nice garden. From the menu you can choose between local and Italian specialities, and they have both delicious meat and fish courses as well as pasta and antipasti. It is a perfect place if you come with a large group or for families with children, but also for romantic dinners. The service is excellent and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Via N. Botta 15.Tel +39.0921423801.

La Botte:
This nice little restaurant is situated in one of the typical small, very narrow and car-free streets of Cefalù. You sit in the street by beautiful tables and there are also tables inside. The menu is not very large but selected and the prices are reasonable. There is no pizza but they have excellent pasta and fish dishes. Via Veterani 6.Tel +39.0921.424315

Caffè Duomo:
This is definitely the best place in town if you would like to eat fresh fish. At Caffè Duomo they use exclusively fish from the same day and everyday they offer different plates that you will not find on the menu. There is a vetrine exhibiting the daily fish, and even if you do not understand everything in Italian you should risk a surprise and try some of the delicious specialities of this charming restaurant. The prices are moderate considering that you are sitting in the middle of Piazza Duomo and that you get invariably excellent quality. They have a great selection of wine, we can absolutely recommend one of the less expensive wines called Lamùri, it is a delicious and light red Sicilian wine.Possibly you have to wait a little bit for the waiters but it is worth the patience. Do not hesitate to try to call attention, the staff is very friendly and the service is good. Piazza Duomo 19.Tel +39 0921 921271 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chat Noir :
This is a nice family restaurant located close to Piazza Duomo. The atmosphere is very genuine and the service is very good. They offer many local specialities and if you choose to go to Chat Noir you really have to try the pasta "Pennette Lillo" and have crepe for dessert. It is very nice to sit outside and watch all the passers-by and enjoy the beautiful and warmish Sicilian evenings. We can really recommend this restaurant for both lunch and dinner, you will not regret you visit! Via XXV novembre 17.tel +39.0921420697 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

La Brace:
This restaurant is found in Via XXV novembre, 10 in the heart of the historical center of Cefalù, and inside this restaurant you will find a warm and receiving atmosphere. The staff is multilingual, and very friendly and helpful. You should really try one of the grilled meat or fish courses, and we can strongly recommend the cassata siciliana for dessert. The restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and from 15 December to 15 January.Tel +39 0921 423570 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Vecchia Marina:
This is a nice little restaurant that has a small covered terrace with sea view. If you want to try traditional dishes we can strongly recommend this place. The prices are reasonable and the service is very good. The restaurant is quite small and the atmosphere is relaxed and this is a good option if you want to get away from the sometimes stressful tourist crowds. Via Vittorio Emanuele 73-75.Tel +39 0921 420388

Al Porticciolo:
Al Porticciolo is a very nice restaurant situated in the characteristic and pretty street Via Bordonaro down by the sea. This place is famous for its great pizza, you definitely have to go there if you want to try a fantastic Sicilian pizza! Al Porticciolo has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, the service is good and the prices are mid-range. Via Bordonaro 66.Tel +39 0921 921981 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

With its warm and typical Mediterranean style atmosphere this restaurant is located in an ancient, rebuilt and transformed oil mill. It is an ideal place to spend unforgettable evenings with friends, and try some of the local and typical flavours of Sicily, pizza or fresh fish. The restaurant is very beautiful and has a lovely terrace overlooking the sea. The prices are reasonable and the service is excellent. Via Bordonaro 96. Tel 0039 0921 921972

Il Saraceno:
Il Saraceno is a beautiful restaurant that has a fantastic position directly by the sea. There are about 40 tables on a huge terrace above the sea, and it is great and romantic to sit there and listen to the sound of the sea. This elegant restaurant is quite expensive but the service is good and the food is excellent. Outside there is also a bar where you can watch the waiters prepare your drinks. Via Bordonaro 50.

Il Gabbiano:
The Restaurant Al Gabbiano is not in the old town center but along Lungomare. You sit on a covered open terrace with a great view over the sea. Here you definitely have to try the delicious Gaganelle ai sapori Mediteranei. As well for lunch as for dinner the restaurant offers a huge buffet with grilled vegetables and Sicilian specialities. Lungomare 17.tel +39.0921.421495

La Galleria:
This is a very nice bar/restaurant that also has an internet point/café that you can visit during the day. The place is contemporary furnished, and you can chose to sit inside or in the lovely inner court. The service is very good and the prices are reasonable. From the menu you can chose between local specialities, as well as Italian, and also some new innovative courses. Have a look at the drink list! This place is perfect to visit if you just want to go out for some drinks before visiting one of the clubs.


















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