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Even such a great person as admiral Horatio Nelson had a seasickness. Even a short finding on the sailing yacht, not mentioning already about finding in the raging sea made him sick ..Details> 


 ON THE YACHT INTO THUNDERSTORM - You were lucky if you have rented the charter sailing boat or rental motor boat in Sicily, because it's very sunny region and thunderstorms happen very rarely. Rain does not always mean the thunderstorm  and if you are enthusiastic of scuba diving you can scuba dive even if it's raining.
.. Details>

To be able to rent a boat without skipper in Italy and its islands (Sardinia and Sicily) it is necessary to have an official sailing license from your country but in general terms, the skipper is required to have:

The ICC or the International RYA (Day Skipper Course) or a similar certificate that can be checked at the sailing association (should be valid like the ICC)

The IPC  (International Proficiency Certificate) is also valid to sail in Italy without skipper (bareboat charter)

The American ASA 104 or US “Bareboat Cruising Course” (or above) are valid too.

If you are a EU citizen and you already have a sailing license from your country, you can sail in Italy without problems with:

- “Sportbootführerschein See“ or above from Germany.

-”Algemeen Stuurbrevet”/ “Brevet de conduite général” from Belgium.

-”Le permis plaisance” from France.


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