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We propose here the list of the basic ingredients of a galley, which are necessary for a weekly boat trip. To enrich the galley with other foods you should choose the first supply favorite recipes. The quantity of enumerated food  is calculated for six adults of "medium" appetite (approximately, for 80-100 g of pasta  and 70 grams of rice per serving).

Pasta and rice
• Short pasta (fusilli, other types): 3 kg
• Long Pasta (spaghetti) 1 kg
• Rice: 1 kg
Fish in cans

• Tuna: 4 cans of 250 g
• Salmon or swordfish: 2 x 250 g
• Shrimp: 1 can of 500 g
• Mussels: 1 can of 200 g
• Clams : 1 can of 150 g
• Anchovies: 2 cans of 100g (1 tube anchovy paste)
Vegetables and legumes (fresh or preserved)
• Cannellini Beans: 3 boxes of 400g
• Ceci: 3 boxes of 400g
• Chopped Tomatoes: 4 boxes of 400g
• Peas: 1 Box 400g
• Eggplants and sweet peppers in oil: 1 jar 500g
• Pickles: 1 jar 250g
• tomatoes and cherry tomatoes: 5 kg
• Belgian Salad: 2 packages
• Carrots: 12
• Celery White: 1
• Zucchinos: 1 kg
• Onion: 2 Heads
• Garlic: 1 Head
• Basil: fresh or canned

• Butter in plastic  cup
• wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar: 1 bottle of 300g
• Mayonnaise: 1/2 tubes
• Capers in salt 200g
• tube tomato paste
• salt to cook for 1 kg
• An extra-fine salt  at the table
Spices and herbs (according to individual tastes)
• Pepper and chilli: 1 can
• Curry
• Oregano. marjoram, thyme
• Mint
• Parsley
• Salvia
• Pine nuts, raisins, pistachios
• Green or  black, 2 cans, each 200g
Sugar: 500g


Fruits (fresh and canned)
• Pineapple syrup: 1 box of 500 g
• pears: 1 Box of 500g
• Peach syrup: 1 Box of 500g
• Watermelons: 1
• Melons: 2
• granny  smith apples: 14
• Avocado: 2
• Lemons: 5
Bread and bakery products
• Bread: the daily ration of 100-150g per person, the recommended type is that one  with water and fat-free, which are bought in their docking (the bread that is dry, you can grate and store in a paper bag: it will be useful for running some recipes). Bread sliced and packed in the  PPE  film retains better than fresh bread.
• Crackers, bread sticks, bread, biscuits: 1 kg
• Rasks: 24 pieces
• Parmiggiano cheese cubes: a vacuum pack
• Feta : 3 packs of 200g
• Scamorze: 2, preferably in vacuum pack
• Emmental: 1 pack of 300g vacuum
• Mozzarella: 1 loaf 500g
Eggs: 12
• Extra virgin olive oil: 2 l

Products for breakfast
• Cocoa, barley (decaffeinated coffee), coffee, teas, rice galette, biscuits,
biscuits. Jams, honey, chocolate spread, yogurt and other food useful in the breakfast should be based on the tastes and individual needs of each individual crew
• long-life milk: the amount to be assessed according to individual preferences ( 1 breakfast cup is about 200g)
• Mineral water: sparkling or / and natural, we must consider a consumption of about 1.5-2 liters per person per day, in addition to the quantity useful for the preparation of Amenities
• Wine: at the discretion of the 'crew
• Beverages: any miscellaneous
• A roll of aluminum
• A roll of plastic wrap
• A package of paper towels
• A package of food bags (medium size)
• A pack of paper towels



 The ingredients must match the chosen recipes. In addition to these, the galley must contain the basic products needed for a weekend for breakfast meals, condiments, bread rusks, fruit, water, wine and any beverages.






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