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Linosa is a pleasant volcanic island – hence its dark-grey color – with three lofty cones that show a striking contrast with the intense blue of the sky. The volcanoes, now extinct, give the island a fairly sinister look. The only town consists of a collection of lovely pastel-colored homes grouped around the island’s small harbor. Tourists can enjoy excursions to the peaks or fascinating boating tours. Its scanty population, once largely living by cattle-breeding, today is mostly engaged in tourism-related businesses. The Vulcano Mount, measuring 186 metres, is the island’s tallest peak. The interior, mainly desert, features only a few cultivated grounds, notably the so-called Fossa del Cappellano that is well-sheltered from winds. Bordered by lava basalt jagged rocks, Linosa is considered a paradise for divers and seawatchers who can enjoy richest wildlife and vegetation (See Lampedusa, A Submerged World)


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