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The Egadi Archipelago lies a few miles off Trapani shore and comprises the three main islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, plus a a number of tiny islands among which stand Asinelli, Maraone and Formica, home to remains of a tuna-fishery and a lighthouse. The three islands that form a mini-archipelago are called Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo; they count some 4,600 inhabitants. All three are blessed with lovely coastlines immersed in glorious crystal-clear water. The islands which are known to have been inhabited since prehistoric times (indeed, it is thought that Levanzo and Favignana formed part of the main island of Sicily in the Palaeolithic times), witnessed a very important event in Antiquity: for it was in these waters that the treaty sealing an end to the First Punic War (241 BC) was signed, whereby Carthage assigned Sicily to the Roman Empire. The charcoal and animal fat paintings represent early attempts at fishing (both tuna and dolphins are discernible), animal husbandry (a woman leads a cow with a halter) and ritual images of men dancing and women with wide hips. no anche numerose specie vegetali appartenenti alla macchia mediterranea. All around the Egadi Islands flow the bluest waters of Sicily and the largest Italian Sea Reserve. Along the coasts each cave is different from the others, shaded with the greens and blues of nearby clear waters, populated by species of fishes swimming in the lush submarine flora. On the islands, suggestive scenery full of luxuriant vegetation are walked through along trekking paths which lead to breathtaking panoramas over the sea, or to sunken areas where huge tuff-carved landscapes have become impressive gardens. Seamen and people from the Egadi Islands tell the myth and the history of their land and sea. Here are the transparent and enchanting waters where some of Ulysses' adventures took place and Cala Rossa where the Romans in 241 B.C. conquered Favignana. Favignana: the Greek called the island Aegusa but the island was named Favignana after the wind Flavonio during the Middle Age. It looks like a big butterfly alighting peacefully on the Mediterranean waters. These waters still evoke historical and mythical episodes. Those who reach Favignana first notice the elegance and the lightness of Palazzo Florio (1876), symbol of the island. You can start your tour around the town from here and following the main street you will reach the heart of the island's life, Piazza Madrice, where anything happens. On the right of the square you can penetrate into the S. Anna neighbourhood, the most ancient nucleus of the town. Here, among the simple houses built in tuff, there are wonderful hypogeum gardens. Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadi Islands; unspoilt and beautiful, it is immersed in green, natural vegetation and surrounded by a crystal clear sea. It is famous for its Grotta del Genovese (Cave of the Genoese) where there are graffiti – evidence of prehistoric art of the Upper Palaeolithic age – and paintings dating back to the Neolithic age. The island has a precipitous coastline, accessible only on the North-West and South-East sides, which extend steeply down from a plateau, which peaks with the Pizzo del Monaco (278 metres – 762 feet). The only built up area, in which most of the population is concentrated, is located on the southern coast of the island in a bay called the Cala Dogana, which is also a little harbour, being well protected from the northern and western winds. It is best to visit Levanzo, as is true for the other islands, by boat in order to be able to admire the beauty of the sea and to enjoy its transparent waters. The eastern part of the island is composed by a continuous series of coves, often overhung by sheer cliffs.
 Map of Egadi Islands
 Favignana, Santa Caterina
 Favignana, Florio villa
 Marettimo, Punta Troia
 Levanzo view
 Marettimo, landscape
 Favignana, landscape
 Landscape of Favignana
 Favignana, Florio tonnara
 Levanzo, grotta dell genovese
 Marettimo, Punta Bassana
 Levanzo panoramical

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