Rent of boat in Stromboli Island, excursions and history of Stromboli Island

Stromboli is the northernmost of the Aeolian Islands: its territory is about 13 km and it counts about 450 inhabitants. The island is dominated by the impressive outline of the volcano and in its crateral rim, you can see volcanic dents erupting lava flows. This moderate activity is not a danger for the inhabitants since magma flows down the Sciara del Fuoco. In 2002 a great eruption of lava made some rocks falling into the sea: their fall caused a tidal wave that ran over some of the Aeolian islands. The coasts of the island of Stromboli are quite steep and there are few beaches. The main villages are Ginostra and Stromboli, whose inhabitants live mainly with fishing, viticulture, capers picking and above all tourism.

Round trip of the island
It starts from the pebbly beach of Scari : from the boat you can see the fine black sand of Ficogrande.

Cliff of Strombolicchio
it is located just a mile after the beach of Ficogrande. The cliff comes from the oldest vulcanic eruptions of the islands (about 360.000 years ago) . Now there is a lighthouse feeded by solar panels. You can reach it through 200 steps.

Stromboli - Sciara del Fuoco
It is a famous black hollow where the lava flows fall from the volcano. By night, the flow look like fire waterfalls in the dark..

Stromboli - Ginostra Porto Pertuso
Ginostra is located in the south-west of Stromboli and owns the smallest port of the world, named Porto Pertuso, reachable only from the sea. Ginostra counts 50 people, you can move on foot only, objects are carried by mules. From the beautiful Church of St. Vincenzo, you enjoy an amazing view. During volcano eruptions, the inhabitants of Ginostra have to move because of the proiximity of the Sciara del fuoco.

Stromboli Visits

Stromboli - Chiesa di San Vincenzo
The inland of Stromboli is really worth an excursion: you can start from Scari and cross the small roads of San Bartolo, the patron saint of Stromboli. You can walk to St. Vincenzo with its beautiful Church and Piscità.

Stromboli - Climb to the Stromboli crater:

It is one of the best trips of the Aeolian islands. The climbing is only for trained persons leaded by a local guide. You can reach 900 a.s.l. after 3-4 hours'walk.

Stromboli underwater routes

La Sciara di Fuoco
This impressive black rocky wall ends in a extremely deep abyss pointing to the Fossa del Tirreno (depth 3000 metres).

La Dorsale della Sciara
The dorsal rises from the sea for 100 metres, perpendicular to the Sciara. Following the dorsal, you can see two peaks: one is 35 metres tall, the other 25 metres. The dorsal is based on the seabed of Stromboli in a quickly slope.
Suddenly the seabed rises up to 25 metres and looking down you see a black abyss. Close to the rocks nearby, you can often see a particular kind of fish called "stelle pentragono".

The shallow of scirocco
It is situated in the southern side of Strombolicchio and its seabed is just 60 metres deep. This impressive rock is surrouded by many mass of stones rwith a lot of special kind of fishes: almost all the rocks of the seabed are covered with amazing red sea-fans.