Rent of boat in Panarea Island, excursions and history of Panarea Island

Panarea is the smallest island of the archipelago. Its surface is 3,3 km² and it is located north-east of Lipari. The present island is just a part of the originary one because the greatest part sank in the sea after a volcanic eruption. The small islands (Basiluzzo, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca) and the islets (Bottaro, Lisca Nera, Panarelli and Le Formiche) belong to the same volcanic complex and represent a little archipelago on their own: they are detached in the surface but linked in depth. Panarea, like all the other islands, has a volcan origin and it is pretty montainous: its highest summit is Timpone (420 metres) called also "Punta Corvo". The western side of Panarea, with its harsh ground is very difficult to reach, the Eastern is full of terraces cultivated with corn and olives. In Cala Junco, you can find evidences of a pre-historical village, witnessing the old origin of the island. Panarea counts around 300 inhabitants almost all living in San Pietro, a port situated in the eastern side of the island. Panarea is one of the most enchanting islands of the archipelago and it is attended by an elite tourism for exclusive holidays. The islands owns amazing seabeds for unforgettable diving.

St. Peter
In front of the small port of Panarea, there is the Suburb of St. Peter, a
beautiful village with delicous white houses. Along the panoramic road, you
can find St. Peter's Church, built during the XIX century and dedicated to
the patron of the island.

Panarea - Capo Milazzese
Located in the beautiful inlet of Cala Junco, you can see
the ruins of a pre-historical village dating back to the Bronze Age (XI-XII

Panarea - Punta Corvo
it is the highest peak of the island and it is located on the
road from Capo Milazzese to Drauto. From Punta Corvo, you enjoy an amazing
view on the cliffs of Panarea and even Stromboli.

Panarea IditellaIditella
Following the path to Punta Corvo, you end the tour of the island
in Iditella and in Calcara beach. Iditella is the main landing place of the
island: there is a peer with both small boats and fishing boats.

Panarea calcara beachCalcara beach:
You can see fumaroles in this strand showing the vulcanic
nature of Panarea. Close to St. Peter there is a termal spring of warm water
(50 degrees) used for rheumatism.

Panarea underwater routes

Panarea Lisca bianca's wreckage
It is the only wreckage you can visit in all the Aelian archipelago:
it is absolutely forbidden to approach to Roman ships.
This wreckage is a British vessel sank after the crashing against the cliffs
of lisca Bianca.

Le Formiche
This place offers the chance to plan excellent diving.
Underwater you found colourful walls and the seabed is full of sponges, sea
slugs and pinnas.