Rent of boat in Lipari Island, history and excursions in Lipari Island
The Aeolian archipelago is made up of seven islands: Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli, Salina, Filicudi e Alicudi. Lipari is the widest, the most popolous and, except Salina, all the others islands belong to its municipality. You can reach Lipari by the sea in two ways: ferries arrive to Marina Corta, boats to Sottomonastero.The island of Lipari is very complex from the geological and volcanogical point of view: endogenous manifestations are fumaroles (in Bagno Secco), solfataras and hot springs (in San Calogero). The island of Lipari is an ideal climatic resort and an ideal place for holidays thanks to its mild weather and its breathless landscape. Do not miss the boat round trip with its beaches, grottos, bays. The center of the village is situated between Marina Lunga and Marina Corta and its heart is the castle, the old bishop palace and the Cathedral. Lipari counts about 9000 inhabitants living in the suburbs of Pianoconte, Acquacalda, Quattropani e Canneto.

Roundtrip of the island
You can not miss the roundtrip of Lipari: you will see beautiful coasts and
seabeds, grottoes, beaches, bays and rocks. The tour starts from
Marina Corta towards Canneto and ends in the headland of Monte Rosa.

Lipari - White beach
During the island round-trip you can see the white sandy beach
coming from old pumice deposits. You find later Punta Castagna, a very nice
obsidian cape, Acquacalda and the cliffs of Torricelle, Pietra del Bagno and
Punta del Palmeto located on the channel dividing Lipari and Salina.

Lipari - Beach of Valle Muria
Leaving Punta delle Fontanelle and Punta delle
Grotticelle, you see the beach of Valle Muria and the stacks of Pietra Lunga
and Pietra Menalda.

Lipari - Marina Corta
Proceeding with the tour, you can see the enchanting beach of
Praia di Vinci, rocks and bays until the port of Marina Corta.

Lipari Excursions

The Castle
The Castle is the historical centre of Lipari and was built by
the Spaniards during the XVI century. Inside of the citadel there are ruins
of ancient buildings. The castle houses the Aeolian Museum, one of the most
important European archaeological museums.

Archaeologic park
In the area of Contrada Diana, in ancient times there was
the pre-historical village dating back to Neolithic Age and, later, the Greek
and Roman necropolis found during the archaeological digging by Paolo
Orsi in 1928.

Lipari - Terme of San Calogero:
Even in Mycenian Age, the virtues of thermal waters
were well known: diggings in thia area turned to light a Mycenian tholos
dating back to 3.500 years ago. This building was originary a tomb or a
church than turned into therms during Roman Age.

Lipari - Monte St.Angelo
From the top of the mount ypu can see a breathless view,
one of the best of Lipari. At the summit of the mount (594 metres) there is
a cement building used to drain rain water

Lipari Underwater routes

Lipari immersioni - Punta Castagna
Punta Castagna is a excellent place for diving: the seabed is covered with
white powder coming from pumice stone querry located on the coast. The depth is full of cracks going down to a never ending colourful vertical wall deep in the blue of the sea. You can see: breams, sponges, groupers, Red

Pietra del Bagno
This diving has to be made all around the rocky. Thanks to its easiness, it
suits to sub of all levels. Cliffs are very colorful, you can see groupers,
Red Scorfano, polpos, breams, Sea Daisy. This diving is advised to the










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