Rent of boat in Alicudi Island, excursion and history of Alicudi Island
Alicudi is one of the seven islands of the Aeolian Archipelagus. It is the farest, the western and the most lonesome. Alicudi belongs to Lipari municipality and counts around 200 inhabitants living in the village of Alicudi, located in the easter area of the island. The formerly name of Alicudi was Ericusa, from a particular kind the grass "erica" very present in this island. Alicudi has a very old history: for centuries pirates made raid on it so people found a natural shelter called "Timpano delle Femmine" (Womens'eardrum). This name reminds the place where women stayed when pirates approached the island. For the same reason, the inhabitants of Alicudi built their houses on terraces halfway up the hill in the easter part of the island. Even if it is quite isolated, Alicudi enjoys a great success thanks to its amazing landscape and its coast. The only beach you can reach on foot is Alicudi Porto, the others just through the sea. Do not miss the boat trip across the island to enjoy the wonderful northern and western coasts. A period of time in Alicudi is surely a relaxing experience: no car noise will break the rest of your stay. Because of its remote placement, the island of Alicudi is a far-away corner from traffic and wordliness. There are no night clubs, pubs, pizzerias, newsstands or barber shops. There are only two grocer’s shops, a bar restaurant and one hotel. 

Alicudi Trips:
We advice the boat trip through the island: you can enjoy breathless views such as Alicudi Porto, Scoglio della Galera with its crystal-clear water and Sciara dell'Arpa, a valley going down to the sea.
Trip to Filo dell'Arpa (675 m.): it is the tallest top of Alicudi. You can reach it walking and you will enjoy an amazing view.