Rent of boat in Porto Rotondo, excursions and history of Porto Rotondo
The small town of Porto Rotondo rises at just a few minutes from Olbia along the SS 125 on the northern side of the Punta Volpe headland. Rather than a real village, it is actually a well-planned tourist resort which was born in the golden years of development of the Costa Smeralda. The buildings, which rose up around 1963 around the indispensable circular-shaped ( hence the name) tourist port, were designed to fit in as well as possible with the surroundings. The result is pleasing, comforted by a success that has made this place a prestigious destination, even if its somewhat “over the top” appearance reflects its programmed birth.
A number of designer boutiques open onto the round San Marco Square and along the quays. The Church of San Lorenzo, designed by Andrea Cascella in exposed granite, is reached by a flight of steps. A series of wooden statues by Mario Ceroli represent scenes from the Bible. The little open-air theatre in granite was built in 1995 and is home to numerous prestigious events and cultural displays during the summer.
Places to eat, drink and listen to music are everywhere even if, once the bathing season is over,Porto Rotondo appears somewhat abandoned.
A pleasant trip can be made towards Punta Volpe, which separates the Gulf of Marinella from the Gulf of Cugnana with its many beaches, among which Ira and the little bays of Punta Asfodelo. From each of these and from the coastal road, you can enjoy breathtaking views over the sea and mountains of the Gallura area.