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Porto Torres is a town in the province of Sassari, in northern Sardinia, Italy.
The town of Porto Torres stands on the coast of the Gulf of Asinara, about 20 km north west of Sassari. The town's busy harbour, almost entirely artificial, lies to the right of the mouth of the River Mannu. Porto Torres was founded by a group of Roman citizens in the I century A.C. and was given the name 'Turris Libisonys'.
The settlement developed rapidly and became an important trading centre and port, in particular for goods bound for the port of Ostia, and later, under the reign of the Flavio Emperors, it became a Roman Municipium. The town boasted thermal baths, an aqueduct, temples, basilicas and magnificent villas, and was connected to other setlements in Sardinia by consular roads.
The Basilica of St Gavino is one of the most important Romaneque monuments on the island and one of the few Italian churches with opposing apses. It was built during the influx of Pisan style architecture, in the second half of the 11th century. The Necropolis of Su Crucifissu Mannu lies a short distance to the south east of Porto Torres and is made up of more than twenty burial chambers dug into the rock. Turris Libisonys is the original name of the Roman settlement. Testimony to this ancient history can be seen in the remains of the monuments from the complex known as "Palazzo del Re Barbaro". The Holy Trinity of Saccargia church is one of the most charming examples of the Romanesque-Pisan style in Sardinia. The old Duke of Asinara Palace has today become the new Town Hall. It was constructed from a project by Piedmontese engineer Carlo Valino, who made use of collaboration by Lombard master masons.