Boat trip around the island
You can see all the natural marvels of Filicudi: indented coastlines, amazing grottoes, stacks. We advice to make the boat trips with "gozzi", typical aeolian boats.

Grotto of the Bue Marino (Seal)
it is the most beautiful grotto of the island and it is situated close to Punta Perciato. In the grotto, you can sea amazing lights effects and suggesting noises. The name of the cave comes from the noises made by the sea: it sounds like ox roar.

Filicudi - La Canna Faraglione
La Canna close to the Grotto of the Bue Marino, a tall natural crag called La Canna, rises out of the sea depths to a height of 85 metres. From here you can see the Zucco Grande and its ten layers of lava.

Filicudi -  Cliff of Fortune
it is a peculiar cliff in which a little basin receives many water turning to a small natural swimming-pool..

Further trips:

little islands of Elephant and Montenassari, whose outline reminds of a dragon' back.


Prawns Grottoi
I t is one of the best immersions of the island (32 metres depth): the grotto is full of many fishes and crayfishes. The grotto ends in the sand at 50 metres depth: on the way going back up to surface, you can meet big groupers.

Filicudi - Six-meters shallow
another amazing diving. The shallow is located in the northern part of Filicudi, between the cliff of Gianfante and the Sciara. A wonderful monolithic rising from 40 metres to 6 metres forms the white spot of the top of the shallow.


Prehistoric village of Capo Graziano
A path leads from pecorini to Capo Graziano: here you can see the rests of a prehistorical village dating to the Bronze Age. The village was probably destroyed in XIII century b. C.

Fossa delle Felci
If you would like to enjoy a breathless view on the archipelagus, you have to climb to "Fossa delle Felci". You can reach it from Valla eChiesa through the paths leading up to the mount.