Lungomare: This is the main sandy beach in Cefalù, and along Lungomare you will find many different lidos that offer sun beds and umbrellas, as well as public beaches where you can lie down for free. From October to April there are no lidos and the whole beach is considered public. Even though locals visit Lungomare it is mainly a tourist beach, and since there are many different lifeguards and watchtowers this beach is very safe and strongly recommended for families with children. To reach the beach there are many different entrances through the lidos, but also stairs that lead down to it. A thumb rule is that the lidos get cheaper the further away from the old town center you get, even if the water ground tends to be more rocky there.It can be difficult to find a parking space in Lungomare, but there are parking guards walking along it and to them you will have to pay your parking and you also have to possibility to get information about alternative parking.

Salinelle. This beach is located 7km from Cefalù, direction Palermo. It is a nice sandy beach and there are three lidos were you can rent sun beds and umbrellas and there are also lots of space that is public. There are bars and restaurants were you can get refreshments and lunch. The beach is nice, but please be careful since it gets very deep immediately. If you want to get out of Cefalù for one day, we can strongly recommend this place. Follow the road SS113 and after 6km, just before a curt, turn to the left there is a road that goes down on your right hand side (Piana di Lascari). It could be a little bit difficult to find since you will find the indication for Salinelle Beach Club only after having turned in on this road. After this, just follow the indications for Salinelle Beach Club. There is a large parking next to the beach, but here you have to pay for your parking.

Capo Playa. This is a very long beach (approx. 15km) that reaches Campofelice di Rocella, and there are many places where the beach can be entered. Some parts of this beach are sandy, while others are made up of small stones. This is a great place for those who love to surf, since it is always windy, but visitors with children should pay attention since it gets very deep quickly. In July and August there is a Lido where different services, such as sun beds and umbrellas, are offered. This nice beach is a very good alternative if you want to visit a less crowded beach than Lungomare in Cefalù. The beach is located 6km from Cefalù, direction Palermo, along the main road SS113. You will find a small sign on your right side saying “Hotel Carlton Riviera”. After the turn you go straight until there is a railroad crossing and immediately after you turn to left and there you will have to search for a parking space. This entrance leads to the beginning of the beach and first you will find a beach consisting of small stones and further a sandy beach. Swimming here is at your own risk since there are no lifeguards.

Mazzaforno. The small village of Mazzaforno is located 5km from Cefalù, and there are different possibilities to reach the lovely beaches here. There are both rocky and sandy beaches. On the main beach (sandy) there are lidos where you can rent sun beds and umbrellas, and there are also private lidos that belong to hotels. The beaches and the water in Mazzaforno are clean and they are very quiet. To get to Mazzaforno, follow the main road SS113 direction Palermo and before the slip road to the highway A19 there will be a sign for Mazzaforno. There will be a railway crossing and from here you follow the indications for Hotel Baia del Capitano. After a while there will be a indication for this hotel to the left, but just keep following the road you are on. You will reach the main beach after a few minutes. It could be difficult to find parking here so it is good to start looking immediately after the railway crossing.

Ogliastrillo. This is a small beach and it is located 4km from Cefalù, direction Palermo. There is a lido where you can rent sun beds, umbrellas and pedal boats. It is connected to the main beach in Mazzaforno. Approximately 800m after Santa Lucia (AGIP) you will find a street on your right hand side with a railroad crossing and this street brings you to the beach (on the left side of the street there is a camping called San Filippo). Follow the little cobbled stoned street and at the end you will find a small path that will take you to a sandy beach, which is recommended for visitors with children. The parking possibility close to the sea is limited, and therefore it is better to start looking for a parking space after the railway crossing.

Caldura. The Caldura beach is located opposite of the harbour in Cefalù (in connection to Hotel Kalura and Residence Coast Houses), at approximately 20 min by foot from the old town center. This is a very nice and quiet beach that is not overcrowded and few tourists find this lovely place. On this beach there is no possibility to rent sun chairs on umbrellas, but one advantages with this beach is that there are no salesmen here, which is something that can be very bothering for people at the large tourist beaches. The caldura beach is not a sandy beach, but is made of small stones, and the water is very clear and fresh. The beach is located in a small bay, that is surrounded by rocks and to reach it you will have to use a long flight of stairs (approx. 100 stairs). There is also the possibility to jump and dive into the water from the rocks. You can get to the Caldura beach by car. From the harbour of Cefalù, just follow the indications for Messina and then the indication for hotel Kalura. On the streets outside the hotel you can park your car and walk the flight of stairs down to the beach.

S. Ambrogio. This lovely beach is very large, and some parts are sandy while others are made up of small stones. We can strongly recommend this beach since not so many tourists know about it and there are no salesman. It is one of the most quiet beaches in the area. It is located 5km from Cefalù, direction Messina. Follow the main road SS113 towards Messina, and after a while you will find a sign for S. Ambrogio. Do not follow it, just follow the road that you are on for another 400m, cross the railroad and shortly after you can your car along the road (you will not miss it, there are many cars parked here). There is another parking, where you have to pay, that is located opposite of the exit for S. Ambrogio.

Finale di Pollina. This beach is located approximately 12km from Cefalù, direction Messina. Follow the main road SS113 and before you reach the village Finale di Pollina, you will find this beach. It is easy to find since there are usually many cars parked on both sides of the road. There is also a large parking, but here you will have to pay. To reach the beach you have to follow a path that leads down to it. This is not a sandy beach, but made of small stones and one part of the beach is private for the Valtur residence clients. The rest of the beach is free and open for everyone, and there are no salesmen at this beach. It is a very nice beach to visit for one day and it is not overcrowded (very few tourists) and the water is clean.