Rent of Boat in Cefalu, escursions and history of Cefalu

The city of Cefalu, the ancient Kephalodion - greek word, which in this case refers to the natural formation of the rock close to the city - is in a prime location in Palermo province, built around a massive rock that over the centuries has always played a defensive role. Cefalu is one of 15 municipalities covered by the famous Sicilian Madonie Park, an important natural center but also historic one, because it is preserved the testimony of a people life in this area over the millennia by findings relating to farms, little rock churches, mills ... The vital rithm of this area is certainly outside the norm and has the charm of another era, local crafts and rural traditions of  thousand years ago. All this is cleverly combined with the charm and beauty of natural vegetation that falls within the Park.
A city like Cefalu strikes for its charm because of its exceptional location, its magnificent Romanesque cathedral that emerges from a tangle of narrow streets and several medieval elements held here. The area comprising such small but picturesque streets and arches that connect the various buildings. Today the city is a tourist bathing resort well-equipped with tourist villages, hotels and restaurants, but should not be forgotten all his really important and rich historical past references to Roman and especially Norman times. 









Cefalu, Temple of Diana
Cefalu cost
Cefalu, sunset  
        Panoramic Cefalu
        Port of Cefalu
       Cefalu, Cathedral
        Cefalu beach
        Cefalu, Santa Caterina Villarmosa
        Cefalu beach