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Even such a great person as admiral Horatio Nelson had a seasickness. Even a short finding on the sailing yacht, not mentioning already about finding in the raging sea made him sick. However an admiral had secrets of struggle against seasickness, which we will share with you below. Great scientist Charles Darvin, July Caesar's - Roman emperor and many others also suffered from this illness. Two centures have passed, but seasickness continues to torment people. But now all is easy and simple -  you should take anti-seasick measures before you start your sailing vacation. The excitement of your  sailing vacation around Sicily or Sardinia needn't be spoiled with the fear of sea sickness.

However, if you tend to suffer from this illness, the best is to take seasickness precautions. If you have never been to sea cruise, better be safe than sorry and take preventative measures.

Once you're on the rental motor boat, sailing boat or gulet and feeling your cheeks turning green, it's a bit late. You should take anti-seasick measures before you start your sea cruise.

For many people, it won't be an issue. These days most of the motor yachts and catamarans are fitted with stabilizers to ensure your sailing charter vacation is as smooth as possible.

Your body should adjust within 2 or 3 days to the new moving environment, making sea sickness a thing of the past ... for that sea tour, at least!

"Sea rolling" award

Various precautionary medicines and devices are available these days to fight sea sickness.If it's your first sailing vacation  it might be a bit of a "hit and miss" situation, but one of these should do the trick:

  1.   Diet - to start off with, eat light foods for about a day before boarding (nothing acidic, spicy or     fatty) and don't over indulge (food/alcohol). Ginger is a very helpful to struggle seasickness!

2.      The motion sickness patch is probably the most popular these days - to be placed behind your ear 4 hours before boarding and changed if necessary after 72 hours. This is quite an effective way to prevent seasickness but causes things like a dry mouth and blurry vision. Better to be thirsty than sick, though! The active ingredient, scopolamine, is absorbed through the skin.

3.       The most recommended are pills with the active ingredient meclizine (less-drowsy Dramamine, Bonine, Antivert), then pills with the active ingredient Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine regular). Marezine (cyclizine) and Stugeron (cinnarizine) seem to be less sleep inducing than all of the above. Other popular antihistamines (Benadryl - diphenhydramine based) also work for some people.

4.      Homeopathic medicines - Trip Ease should be taken 2 hours before boarding but also works if you're already feeling seasick (contains 6 natural active ingredients and has no drowsiness or other side effects); or Sea Sik Oral Spray to be sprayed under your tongue 3 times a day or more if needed (contains 7 natural active ingredients and has no drowsiness or other side effects). On The Move capsules (contains ginger root, licorice root and cayenne) also help alleviate motion sickness and can also be used to combat headaches.

5.      Acupressure bracelets - a drug-free product causing no side effects - the motion sickness band is worn one on each wrist for the duration of your trip. Some contain small magnets, others just a stud, which should be aligned with a pressure point (P6) on your wrist and pressure applied periodically. This won't work very well if you "miss" the pressure point.

6.      Motion Eaze natural oil - to be applied behind the ear and is absorbed through the skin.

7.      The electronic, drug-free motion sickness ReliefBand is worn on the wrist, a kind of motion sickness watch. It emits low-level electrical pulses to avoid and treat motion sickness by calming the stomach.

You should do:

  1. Look out the window (or better yet, go onto the deck and to the centre of the ship, facing forward) at a distant, stable object, like the horizon. The centre of the ship, close to the waterline, is the most stable part of the ship.

2.      Use a fan or listen to some music… this will get your mind off things.

3.      Eat some salty snacks with regular intervals to help dry up your stomach.

4.      Relax if you can - lying down and closing your eyes might help.

5.      Ginger is a natural remedy to general nausea and sea sickness. Drink ginger beer or tea, or eat fresh ginger, a cookie or suck on a ginger sweet (like Gin Gins) to help combat your green cheeks. Try Sailor's Secret, a branded ginger capsule or Quesy Pops, popsicles containing essential oils from natural herbs and aromatherapy in ginger flavour but also others like lavender, peppermint, etc. Any ginger product is most effective if taken before boarding.

7.      Bitters, mint, citrus, apricot juice, carrot juice, unroasted pumpkin or squash seeds, parsley and peppermint tea are also said to help combat sea sickness but there doesn't seem to be much proof out there.

You shouldn’t do:

1.      Read or watch television once the sea sickness has kicked in, it will make you feel worse.

2.      Drink big gulps of water. Tiny sips at intervals are better. We can offer you some Sicilian wines and particularly Malvasia (Caravaglio ) from Salina and Lipari islans.

3.      Face backwards.

To get rid of the nausea, you need to "override" the signals by, for example, looking at an object outside of the ship, like horizon line, coast line, island.




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