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Image You were lucky if you have rented the charter sailing boat or rental motor boat in Sicily, because it's very sunny region and thunderstorms happen very rarely. Rain does not always mean the thunderstorm  and if you are enthusiastic of scuba diving you can scuba dive even if it's raining. Thunderstorms are generally unpredictable. Even with the best weather reports, boaters can still be caught in open waters in a thunderstorm.

If you knew the forecast about thunderstorm, coming soon, it is better to remain ashore in the protected bay. Our company will organise for you special excursion with guide on Sicily. It can be excursion tour in Palermo or other cities of Sicily with visiting of museums, ancient palaces and cathedrals, shops and theatres.

In case you are already in the open sea and have caught thunderstorm you should possibly return to the shore.

  • Try to avoid the thunderstorm zone.
  • But what should you do if you stay on the rental luxury yacht, charter sailing boat, rental motor or gulet on the open sea during a thunderstorm? 

  • Even if your luxury yacht has a lightning protection system, it is critical to take definite precautions to protect yourself:

  • Stay in the center of the cabin if so designed. Don't be a stand-up lightning rod!

  • Keep arms and legs in the boat. Do not dangle them over the side.

  • Stop all fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming or work with anchor when there is lightning, or even when weather conditions look threatening. The first lightning can be a mile or more in front of an approaching thunderstorm.

  • Disconnect and do not use or touch major electronic equipment including the radio, throughout the duration of the storm.

  • Lower, remove, or tie down the radio antenna and other protruding devices if they are not part of the lightning protection system.

  • To the degree possible, avoid making contact with two components connected to the system at the same time. For example, the gear levers and the spotlight may both be connected to the system. Should you have a hand on both when lightning strikes, the path of the electric current could be through your heart-- a very deadly path!

  • At least one person on board should be competent in CPR and first aid. Many people struck by lightning can be saved with prompt first aid.

  • If a boat has been, or is suspected to have been struck by lightning, check out the electrical system and compasses to be sure that no damage has occurred.


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