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Cala Dogana
The only inhabited center is found to south of the island and leans out on a caletta from the crystalline waters. From here, a well kept path allows to discover the calettes of the south-western coast with the enchanting spiaggettes of stones, and it comes up to the Faraglione.

Giro del Genovese
You can be reached afoot, (2 hours AR) in jeep (the last line afoot, along a steep slant) or by sea. Discovered in 1949, this hollow dug along the side of a tall cliff preserves traces of prehistoric human presence. In fact open incisions and paintings have been that respectively go up again to the superior paleolitico and the neolitico. The graffiti, realized when still the island was united to the dry land, they represent bisons and a very beautiful buck for the harmonious proportions, the elegance and the perspective surrender. The paintings to carboncino and fat of animal document the introduction of the fishing (there am a tuna and of the dolphins), of the breeding (a woman holds back a bovine with a drawstring) and ritual images, with men that dance, women from the wide sides. These paintings can have connected with the style frank-cantabrico characteristic of the painted paleoliticis of the caves of Lascaut in France and of Altamira in Spain.











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