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This club is located at the end of Lungomare and it is open wed-sun (22.00-03.00) and in August it is open daily. The place does not get crowded before 24:00, but get there earlier if you want to avoid the queue. There is an entrance fee (10€), but it is free for girls 01:00. The crowd visiting this disco tends to be quite young, most of the people are under 25. There is one big dance floor that is divided into two levels, 2 bars, and a VIP-area where it is possible to chill out and there is also another chill out area in the nice garden by the entrance. There are different DJs playing every night of the week and therefore there is a large variety of music and styles.

Le Calette:
This nice club is located opposite to the harbour of Cefalù. It is a 20 minutes walk from the old town centre, but it is really worth a visit! It is a very beautiful club that is outside and built on the rocks. The club has two levels; one lower with two bars and a dance floor, and one upper that is a VIP-area and it also has a bar and a DJ. The people visiting this club are older than the Malibu crowd, and the club is definitely more sophisticated. The music is not usual radio/disco-music, but very qualitative and perfect for those who love club music such as house/trip-hop/funk/techno. It is open wed-sun (22.00-03.00), but Wednesdays are often private VIP-nights. There is an entrance fee (10€).


Sotto zero:
This is a very nice bar that is located in Lungomare at the entrance to the Lido Punta arenas. The large and wide stone stairs, that serve as an entrance down to the beach at daytime, are covered with carpets, pillows and small tables. This innovative arrangement is what makes this bar very special. You can chose whether you want to sit, lie or stand, while zipping on your drink. Down by the bar there are also some tables with comfortable chairs. Since the place is very popular you will probably have to wait for your drinks and your turn to order, but the delicious drinks are worth waiting for and the prices are moderate. The atmosphere is casual and chilled out, like an “after-beach” bar.

This bar is located at the beginning of Lungomare and offers both food, snacks and drinks. The crowd is really mixed, it is a popular meeting place for both young and old people, tourists and locals. This bar is a perfect place if you just want to go somewhere before you continue your evening at one of the clubs. It has moderate prices and if you sit outside you will have a good view of the liveliness in Lungomare. Another advantage is that it is open every day until the early morning, often until the last visitor decides to go home.

This bar is located in Lungomare, opposite of Lido Poseidon. It is perfect for larger groups since there are many long tables outside. The atmosphere is very chilled and outside you can sit and just watch all the passers-by. The prices are really good and the drinks are good, as well as the service. Another nice thing about the place is that it is very unpretentious, come as you are!

La Villa bar:
This bar is located in the heart of Cefalù. It has a bar inside, but all the tables are outside. The bar is divided by a small street (Via Matteotti) and there are tables on both sides of it, and on Fridays and Saturdays, when it tends to be very crowded, people are even standing and hanging out in the middle of the street. The crowd is usually very young, most of the people are teenagers.

Bar del molo:
This bar/restaurant is located at the end of Via Bordonaro and from here you have a lovely view of the old harbour and Lungomare. It is very nice to sit down here in the afternoon and have coffee, or to come in the evening to have a drink and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The service is good and the prices are reasonable. If you are lying at the beach just below the restaurant it is the perfect place for refreshments or lunch.

Bar Santa Lucia:
This bar is located in Santa Lucia, opposite of AGIP. For many of our guests Santa Lucia is their first meeting point and therefore this is a perfect place for having a first ice-cream or Italian coffee at. They have a great selection of ice-cream and pastry.

Bar Il Solito Posto:
Just like Bar Santa Lucia this place is the first meeting point for many of our guests. Here you can sit down outside on the terrace and enjoy the view of the sea and the harbour and have coffee and other refreshments. There is also a tobacco shop in connection to the bar, and here you can by newspapers and telephone cards.

We furthermore, we can recommend to take a walk along Lungomare in the evening. In July and August you will often find that the bars in the lidos are open, or unannounced beach parties and evenings.


















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